Youth Project of the Month

Youth Project of the Month

We like to celebrate and showcase the excellent work going on at youth projects across the county through our Youth Project of the Month feature

Aprils Youth Project of the Month


We’re Balloons, a bereavement charity offering support for children, young people and young adults in Exeter, Mid and East Devon.  On the surface of it we are a small charity of five paid members of staff, however dig a bit deeper and you’ll find that our work is making a big impact in the local community. 

First and foremost, Balloons offers face to face support to young people who are struggling with the death of someone close to them.  We work in this way with children as young as 5, all the way up to young adults aged 25 for around an hour a week, for about a 6-week period.  Our model is based on that of the national charity Winston’s Wish and we have been running our support service in this way since 2007.  Almost all our 1-2-1 work is done by our team of skilled and trained volunteers which is now some 40 strong and consisting of a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and expertise. 

We’d like to think that we also play an important role in how local schools and families are able to respond to death in their communities; that we are on hand to offer advice, suggest resources and often just listen when things are hard to hear. 

We could talk all day about the work we do and the difference we make but there simply isn’t enough room on the page so please visit us at any of the details below and we can tell you a whole lot more about Balloons.

Twitter: @fund4balloons

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