Crowdfund Devon


The Crowdfund team rolled into town this last month, presenting their launch for Crowdfund Devon. Devon County Council hosted a large event, and a week or so later Exeter City Council brought us their more detailed look at their involvement with the campaign.
After a highly successful Crowdfund Cornwall, Crowdfunder have got together with with our partners at Devon County Council, East Devon District Council, West Devon Borough Council, Teignbridge District Council, Exeter City Council and Devon and Cornwall Police to bring this amazing opportunity to Devon. 
The partner agencies have money to pledge, previously fund/tender on projects launched on the Crowdfund website. They keep an eye out and will match fund projects that fit their criteria. This saves them money in the long term and a lot of paperwork. They also get to see what projects are popular with the 'crowd' their communities. 
Sirona, our project of the month, was shown at the Exeter launch as a great example of a crowd funding project. 
The team at Crowdfunder are very keen and supportive, creating a guide on their website to help you through the set up process. They have an accelerator group on Facebook with helpful videos & tips to really get your project off the ground.
There is a helpful search facility so you can see what projects look like and how successful they have been. The nice thing is this is all about community, creating fun and excitement around your project as people pledge money to support you. You can set up a rewards for donations, for example one of Sirona's rewards  for a £10 pledge was a bag of manure, very inventive. 
Let us know if you launch your own Crowdfund and we well do what we can to spread the word and support you.