Important! Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Local Groups


In light of the developing situation with the COVID19 virus we would ask Local Groups to be aware of their responsibilities and plan accordingly. Our colleagues at DYS Space (along with many other organisations) have made the decision to suspend provision. They are though looking to develop alternative support processes for young people that might be online through social media or facilitating young people to become a part of one of the many local community support offers that are happening across Devon.

We are though aware that Local Groups can self-determine and so whatever you choose to do locally we would ask that you ensure that you have social distancing measures in place with plans to reduce the social interaction between people. Remember that the government have asked everyone to try and avoid non-essential contact with a view to helping to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

VOYC will endeavour to send out any regular updates with regards to the virus outbreak and its impact on services for young people as soon as this information becomes available.  During these uncertain times we advise you take steps to keep yourself and the people you work with safe and to follow the government's guidelines.

The VOYC staff will be working remotely wherever possible and so if you wish to contact me use my mobile number (07815 490151) or email ( Youth Clubs can also get support from the Space Community Team contact them by email on We will continue to work closely with all our partners to maintain a level of support for young people and their communities.

Further information has just been released and can be found here from the National Youth Agency (NYA)