SaFest 2020 - Useful Resources!


SaFest 2020 was organised by the Devon Children & Families Partnership and took place 19-23 October 2020 –  it was a week long virtual symposium on supporting and safeguarding adolescents and young people.

The DCFP have shared their resources from that symposium.  These can be accessed by clicking on the link below followed by the password:

Click here to access SaFest 2020 videos, website links, resources and presentations. – and enter the password:- Safest2020

IMPORTANT:-  The DCFP value your feedback so that they can start planning for 2021 – even if you didn’t attend the October events, they would be grateful for your comments (there are relevant questions in the feedback form for those who didn’t attend). 

Click here to give feedback on SaFest 2020