Tackling the Single Plastic Issue within your Youth Club programme


It is the time of year when ideas are being generated for the youth group programme!! How about encouraging a focus on the environment and getting a debate going with the young people about how they can as a group have a positive impact on the single plastic issue? There are a number of things that you could think about such as::

  • Raising awareness of the issues associated with a misuse of plastic
  • Encouraging people they know to use less single-use plastic, starting with easy to avoid items
  • Join the campaign to pick up single-use plastic beverage items

We would love to share what has been achieved here in Devon by our young people's groups. Please send us a breif description of what you have been doing with a photo of your young people in action to us at admin@voycdevon.org.uk and we will be pleased to highlight your work on this important issue.