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New youth social action quality mark

To celebrate #iwill week, Ambition, together with VInspired, is launching a new youth social action quality mark, highlighting the role of young people building positive communities through youth social action. To register for a free introductory webinar on 28 November (2-3pm) or 13th December (2-3pm), please email Lucy@ambition.org

A new era for Horrabridge Youth Club

Horrabridge Youth Club recently re-opened again on a Thursday evenings! The session runs between 7-9pm on a Thursday for years 7 and up

Angie Prout a qualified youth leader has been brought in to run the sessions. Angie brings a range of skills to the post including drum tuition!.Following a consultation event in October there are lots of ideas for activities and promotion. Since opening some of the activities have included cooking, research for grant application, table tennis, Wii, hide and seek in the dark, beer goggles, tight skittles and djembe drums.

The committee are currently putting together a small grant fund application and hope to open on a second night (Wednesdays) in the near future. There are so many exciting plans for activities coming up so we wish Horrabridge Youth Club all the best with their plans and congratulations on re-opening in such style.

Young people and gambling 

The House of Lords has debated a motion moved by Lord Chadlington on the effect of gambling advertisements on children on Thursday 14th September. The Government ran a consultation between 24 October 2016 and 4 December 2016 for its ‘Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures’, which, among other matters, sought views on whether the measures to protect young people from advertising were sufficient.  

Association for Young People's Health report 

The Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH) has published ‘Key Data on Young People 2017’, a report detailing the particular health support and special services required for young people in their teens and early 20s as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

Rapid rise in safeguarding concerns

School Home Support (SHS), the school-based child and family support charity which deploys more than 60 support workers into schools across the south of England has reported a trebling in the proportion of cases it deals with over the last six years, where there is a safeguarding concern. In 2016/17 the proportion of safeguarding cases it was involved in was 17.3%, more than triple the 5.6% figure from 2010/11. The charity said that 22% of safeguarding interventions made in 2016/17 were related to domestic violence, 10% involved neglect and 9% where a child has experienced physical abuse.

Early Years Menus Launches

Public Health England has launched their new example menus to help early years professionals plan healthy meals for children in their care. These menus can be found here.

6 things you need to know if you are a carer in Devon

There are about 90,000 people providing unpaid care for loved ones and friends in Devon; more if you include Plymouth and Torbay. The article provides some practical help on rights and support if you are a carer covering essentaial such as:

  • There’s a wide range of information and support available for carers in Devon
  • You’re not alone
  • If you are working, you have rights to recognition as a carer at work, including the right to request flexible working and to protection from discrimination

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Domestic Violence

Respect has publishedthe third edition of its specialist quality standard for work with domestic violence and abuse perpetrators, with a foreword from the Home Office. The standard is an evidence-based, safety-focused framework which identifies good practice and offers guidance for organisations to ensure that they are meeting the needs of service users safely and effectively. Victoria Atkins, Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability, said “Domestic abuse is an abhorrent crime that affects victims, their families and their wider communities…The Respect Standard is crucial in the fight against domestic abuse. It ensures perpetrator interventions are safe and effective in preventing future abuse and in turn allows victims to rebuild their lives.” Find out more here

Family Action 

Volunteering opportunities to support parents and carers
Family Action has developed a new Digital Parent Support Service, which will offer telephone, webchat and email support to parents and carers who are feeling the pressures of family life. We are currently recruiting volunteers from across the country who wish to make a positive difference to the lives of families. 

Visit www.family-action.org.uk/volunteer/
Email DPSS@family-action.org.uk