UASC Conference - Working together effectively to support unaccompanied asylum seeking and trafficked children


Event Date :
26 January 2018
Venue :
Coaver Club Exeter, EX2 4PS
Description :

A conference organised by the Devon Children and Families Partnership

9.00 am - 4.00 pm


This conference considers the very special needs and issues around working with unaccompanied asylum seeking and trafficked children

Speakers are coming from the Red Cross, CAMHS, education, social care and the legal profession. During the day the conference will explore the issues faced by these children accessing health, social care, accommodation. Delegates will learn about the initial and age assessments that are undertaken, consider good practice in using interpreters, hear about the services and other resources that are available to help with this work, and look at examples of good practice which could easily be replicated in Devon. There will also be some reflections from young people about their experience and what would have made it better for them.

Who Should Attend:

Who is this for? This is a multi-agency conference and the following people should attend: social workers, initial response teams, permanency and transition teams, supervising social workers, police, education (schools), health practitioners, GPs, school nurses, CAMHS, foster carers.

Training Objectives:

At the end of the session delegates will be able to:-

  • Learn about the needs of unaccompanied asylum seeking and trafficked children
  • Learn about the good practice in working with unaccompanied asylum seeking and trafficked children
  • Consider the need for working in a culturally sensitive way
  • Consider how difference agencies can work together effectively
  • Learn what agencies are available to support this work
  • Understand the legal and education processs

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