County Lines???????



Ok so do you know what are “county lines”?


It is when urban criminal gangs travel to Devon and Cornwall to sell illegal drugs and it is a growing problem


What should you look for?


  • Vulnerable people being cuckooed (bullied) from their homes
  • Lone children from outside of the area
  • Individuals with multiple mobile devices or SIM cards
  • Young people with more money, expensive clothing, or accessories than they can account for


 Across the country, young people and vulnerable adults are being exploited by gangs to move and sell drugs on their behalf in suburban areas, market towns and coastal regions. This criminal activity is known as ‘county lines’, as young people travel to different regions where they’re unknown to the police and can therefore operate undetected. These young people can be as young as 10 and are often subjected to threats, violence, and sexual abuse by the gangs.


 To safeguard vulnerable young people from being exploited by ‘county line’ gangs, the Home Office is working with Crime Stoppers and the Department for Communities and Local Government to increase awareness among professionals who may encounter victims of the signs to spot and encourage staff to report their concerns to their safeguarding lead.


Keep your eyes open and report any suspicious activity by either:


Call: Devon & Cornwall Crimestoppers 0800 555111




Report Online: