Child Protection

VOYC offer an extensive range of training to the not for profit sector and all courses are recognised by the Devon Children & Families Partnership (formerly Devon Safeguarding Children Board):

Group 1 (Induction)

This entry level offering should be given to all new staff within your organisation who have infrequent contact with children and young people. This course aims to raise awareness of the need for child protection for staff and explains what is meant by safeguardingprotecting and promoting the welfare of children through to identifyingsigns of abuse and being able to report concerns in line with procedures.  Here is a video link which can be used as part of a Group 1 training session.  VOYC Devon can offer Group 1 sessions to individual organisations.  Please contact us on 01392 250976 or email 

Group 2 (Awareness)

This course, or a Group 2 refresher, should be undertaken on a regular basis (we suggest every 3 years), by all those within your organisation who have regular contact or have a period of intense but irregular contact (residential or youth exchange) with children and young people. This 3 hour course aims to define what is child protection, looks at signs of abuse and neglect and provide information on reporting strategies. The course will help you recognise and know what to do if you believe a child is at risk. Current Group 2 VOYC training courses can be found HERE

VOYC Devon also offer a Group 2 training session in your own setting

Did you know that VOYC Devon can travel to your organisation to deliver a personal training experience for your volunteers/members of staff?  We can offer bespoke Group 2 (Awareness) Child Protection Training.

By offering this service it means that your organisation benefits by:

  • Less traveling for your staff
  • Not having to juggle work/volunteer rotas
  • All your volunteers/staff being trained at the same time and in familiar surroundings
  • Bespoke training geared at your personal needs/requirements and pace.
  • Presenting a rich, immersive, real-time and effective face-to-face learning experience.
  • Immediate help, support and clarification with the group’s learning.
  • Consistently high quality delivery (feedback score 98% for quality and overall training).
  • A point of contact should you wish to ask any questions about safeguarding after the event.

Group 2 (Awareness) training  is crucial to anyone working with children and young people in the voluntary sector – paid or unpaid.  This course increases awareness and confidence building in respect of identification, responding, recording and reporting processes involved in child protection. It will also raise awareness of legislation, attitudes & values, and blocks & challenges in safeguarding. 

To find out more information and enquire about costs, please phone 01392 250976 or email us on

Group 5 (Designated Safeguarding Officers in the Voluntary and Community Sector)

This course should be undertaken, by your Designated Safeguarding Officer(s), who have a particular operational management responsibility in relation safeguarding and who support those who work predominantly with children, young people and/or their parents and carers across Devon. This full day course aims to provide an opportunity for participants from various agencies to gain and share knowledge, and explore feelings in relation to child protection as well as gaining an understanding of child protection procedures and other agencies responsibilities. Current Group 5 VOYC training courses can be found HERE 

Safer Recruitment

This awareness raising training has been specifically designed for organisations working in the voluntary and community sector and also private sector, and will cover important issues such as:

Who needs DBS Checks? Effective Staff Induction, Supervision and Appraisal Legislation and Policy Reporting Concerns Best Practice. Current VOYC training courses can be found HERE 

Safeguarding for Trustees and Members of Management Commmittees

This awareness raising course will enable participants to better understand their role and safeguarding responsibilities if their groups are providing activities or services for children and young people.  Current VOYC training courses can be found HERE