Event Date :
5 July 2018
Cost :
Venue :
Headway Commercial Road, Exeter EX2 4AJ
Description :

Exeter Round Table have generously donated some money so we, the charity Pete’s Dragons can run suicide awareness courses for males in Exeter.

It has been highlighted a lot in the media how prevalent suicidal thoughts can be in males, and this training provides people with an opportunity to spot signs a person may be giving out and how to ask whether someone is feeling suicidal or not. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in raising awareness of suicide, and who would like to know what to do if someone they knew was feeling suicidal.

The course is a certified SafeTALK course which last 3.5hours and has the following aims:

  • To raise awareness of the prevalence of people having suicidal thoughts
  • To be aware of the invitations that someone who is feeling suicidal may give out
  • To know how to ask if someone is feeling suicidal
  • To know what to do once someone has answered the question

Usually priced at £50pp these courses are FREE to those living in Exeter, thanks to funding from the Round Table.

If anyone would like more information or to reserve a space could they contact the office at Pete’s Dragons on 01395 277780, via Facebook or email

The course runs 9.30-1.30pm