Safe Network Standards

The Safe Network Standards framework:

Offers Voluntary and Community Organisations some core standards and guidance for safeguarding children in the voluntary and community sector. They are a set of national core standards, designed by NSPCC and Children England to help non-statutory organisations put in place clear safeguarding arrangements for children and young people. These standards were adopted by the Devon Safeguarding Children’s Board in September 2013.

The core Safe Network Standards covers four essential safeguarding areas:

  • safer staff and volunteers – recruitment, induction and supervision
  • child protection
  • preventing and responding to bullying
  • avoiding accidents and running safe activities and events

In addition to the four core standards there are two new standards called Standards Xtra, that are designed for those organisations who have contractual arrangements with Agencies,. These focus on:

  • recording and storing information
  • sharing information and working with other agencies

You can try the Safe Network Standards online self-assessment tool by going to: